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IXOsafe - preparation for safe removal of ticks

IXOsafe - preparation for safe removal of ticksThe product covers the full effects of their problems quickly and safely remove ticks.

Composition of microemulsion IXOsafe is based on research and efforts to reduce the risks associated with removing ticks. The product covers the full effects of their problems quickly and safely remove ticks. Just apply on the tick gel emulsion product, so that his body was completely covered. Then let it act for approx 10 minutes and tick rocking motion to remove ticks with tweezers. The principle of operation of IXOsafe Within a few minutes to evaporate denatured alcohol, microemulsions falls apart and show very strong adhesion of hydroxypropyl cellulose to form a tick on the surface of a thin but very strong film, with which it is easy to handle and possible removal.
Created microfilm is very important, in particular:
  • to reduce the motor activity of ticks incapacitate its leads to the immobilization
  • avoidance kotaminace and transfer of bacteria from the surface of the body bites on other parts of the human body, especially the finger
Denatured alcohol then antibacterial and may have a preventive effect against infections transmitted by ticks, especially Central European tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme borreliosis. Microemulsion IXOSAFE tick kills and prevents mainly obranému instinct tick in a massive release of saliva into the subcutaneous epithelium and transfer of infection, only a tick bite expelled from releasing hypostome - stinging body placed on the head of the tick IXOSAFE microemulsion is an effective tool in dealing with risks caused by jamming a tick in skin.

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